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Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Tattoo

People love tattoos. Understandably because they make them look cool. However, the reasons why you should not get a tattoo are much more than the reasons why you should get one. Some of these reasons are medical, but the most important ones are some considerations that are pretty much practical. Here are the reasons why you should not get a tattoo.


It doesn’t come as much of a shock that getting a tattoo will prevent you from ever getting hired or even recruited in the armed forces. Most of the time, it does not matter your level of education or how competent and capable you are of doing the job, getting a tattoo automatically makes you seem incompetent. If you are lucky enough to get a job, then please believe you will be the first in line to be selected if and when the company is downsizing.


Many societies all around the world view people with tattoos in a negative light. If you are a man with tattoos, you are less respectable and people begin to associate with different gangs that they know. If you are a woman with tattoos, people see you as having loose morals which might not be the case but that is the image that the eyes of the society see.

It Is Permanent

A tattoo is permanent. This alone should be reason enough for you not to get one. You might get a tattoo that shows allegiance to a certain gang and that life may be in your past. You may get a tattoo of a person’s name. This person may be someone you loved but aren’t with anymore. That is where the disaster comes in. It is also common knowledge that most of these designs that people choose on paper do not always turn out that way when they are now permanently on your skin. Removal of tattoos is a very painful and expensive process so think hard if you are considering getting one.

They Are Very Expensive

Any person who has ever gotten a tattoo might be able to tell you just how expensive it is to get even the smallest of tattoos done. This can only mean that the people who can get tattoos do so because their income or budget matches that lifestyle. If your budget does not match the tattoo lifestyle, do not get it. Even if you have money, I guarantee you getting a tattoo is a pure waste of it.…